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Information about plain-language programs sponsored by government agencies or other organizations.
Contact us if there are other programs you would like us to list.


Australian Office of Parliamentary Counsel -- Papers and documents on using plain language


Department of Education, Science and Training -- Plain English at Work

Contact Government -- Government Online Directory: departments and agencies, Parliament, governor general, and courts and judges





PLAIN Conference Presentation -- Plain Language: A Case Study of the British Columbia Securities Commission


PLAIN Conference Presentation -- Clear Language and Organizational Change: Halton Region Health Department


Canadian Bankers Association -- Plain Language Mortgage Documents


Department of Finance -- Plain Language Loan Disclosure Documents


Ontario, Ministry of Agriculture and Food -- Clear Writing: What is it? How do you do it?


Province of Nova Scotia, Communications -- Plain Language


Public Works and Government Services, Communications Canada -- Successful Communication Tool Kit -- Literacy and You


Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat -- Communications Policy of the Government of Canada





European Commission of the European Union -- How to Write Clearly: Fight the Fog


Europa -- Eurojargon: A plain-language guide of the European Union



PLAIN Conference Presentation -- Plain Language in Sweden: A Progress Report


Division for Legal and Linguistic Revision, Ministry of Justice -- English | Swedish


United Kingdom:

Brent Council, Wembley


Centre for Health Information Quality


East Sussex County Council -- Social Services Information Leaflets


Economic & Social Research Council -- Communications Toolkit: Written communication


Financial Services Authority


Hampshire County Council -- Plain English, Corporate Style Guide


London Borough of Waltham Forest


Office of Fair Trading -- Unfair terms in contracts: what is an unfair term?


Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea -- Fighting cyberwaffle


Salford City Council -- Avoid "local government speak"; use plain English!


Social Security Agency of Northern Ireland -- The agency's commitment to plain English


Directgov -- Public enquiries: Contact details and links to key central government departments


United States:

PLAIN Conference Presentation -- The Progress of Plain Language in the US: A federal perspective


Plain Language Action & Information Network -- federal government group of volunteers. Co-hosted the 2005 international PLAIN conference in Washington, D.C.


Federal Register -- Plain Language Tools


Federal Trade Commission -- How to Write Readable Credit Forms


Executive Secretariat, National Institute of Health -- Plain Language Initiative


Governor's Office, State of Washington -- Plain Talk


Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner, State of Texas -- Plain Language Project -- Contact Your Government: Provide comments and feedback to your government

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