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What is Plain Legal Language?




Judge Mark Painter:

Legal Writing 201 (PDF, 91KB)


Appellate Writing (PDF, 61KB)




Joseph Kimble:

Answering the Critics of Plain Language


Answering the Critics of Plain Language (PDF, 318KB)


Other articles, downloadable files and links on plain language

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Steven Stark:

Win Cases with Effective Writing


Cheryl Stephens:

What is Really Wrong with Legal Language?


Plain Language Explained to Business Lawyers


Don't Be a Letterhead. Think about Your Clients


Is the Form Still Blank? Maybe Your Client Has Difficulty Reading


A Crash Course in Plain Language


Communications: Are You Listening?


Keep Your Clients Informed


Other articles on plain language and design issues


Irene Leonard King:

What's It Going to Take for You to Use Plain Language?


Peter Butt:

PLAIN Conference Presentation: The Assumptions Behind Plain Legal Language


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Canadian Bar Association


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