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Doublespeak in Corporate Communication
William Lutz

William D. Lutz is Professor of English at Rutgers University in Camden, New Jersey. In addition to a Ph.D. in English, he holds a Doctor of Law degree and is a member of the Pennsylvania Bar.

For 14 years, Dr. Lutz was the editor of the Quarterly Review of Doublespeak. He is the author or co-author of sixteen books, including Doublespeak Defined (1999) and The New Doublespeak: Why No One Knows What Anyone's Saying Anymore (1996), the sequel to his best-selling Doublespeak: From Revenue Enhancement to Terminal Living (1989), and The Cambridge Thesaurus of American English (1994).

His articles on language have appeared in such publications as The London Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Atlanta Constitution, The Baltimore Sun, USA Today, Esquire, Business and Society Review, and Public Relations Quarterly. He was a contributor to Corporate Annual Reports Newsletter and served as editor of the Samsung Magazine, published by the Samsung Group of Seoul, Korea.

As an expert on plain language, Dr. Lutz has worked with a number of corporations, such as AAL Capital Management Corporation; Addison Design of New York; Bell Atlantic; Alumax Inc.; The Dreyfus Corporation; Herman Miller Inc; Ragan Communications of Chicago; North American Securities Administrators Association; John Nuveen & Co.; The Reddy Corporation International of Albuquerque; Ryder System Inc.; Charles Schwab & Co.; Securities Industry Association; U.S. Postal Service; and Whirlpool Corporation. He has rewritten mutual fund prospectuses into plain language; written, revised, edited and judged the prose in annual reports; and conducted workshops on plain language and clear communication in various forms of corporate publications.

As a consultant on plain language to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Dr. Lutz helped prepare the SEC's Plain English Handbook.

Dr. Lutz spoke from notes and regrets that his presentation is not available.

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