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Updated March 4, 2007

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PLAIN logo Thank you to everyone who planned and attended our Fifth International Conference on clear writing and communications -- Plain Language Association International.

And thank you to our conference hosts: U.S. Plain Language Action and Information Network and Center for Plain Language.


Photo of Ginny RedishPhoto of Bill SabinPhoto of Christopher BalmfordMore than 300 people heard from international experts in plain language and from plain language advocates in business and government. They shared how they carry out plain-language initiatives in their organization to improve its bottom line.

Photos from left, Christopher Balmford during the closing session, Making Things Clear: How We Are Winning; Bill Sabin, author of the Gregg Reference Manual, answers questions of style, grammar, and usage; and Ginny Redish discussing Plain Language and the Web.

VIP speakers included Bryan Garner, author of Garner's Modern American Usage, 2003; Bill Sabin, author of the Gregg Reference Manual, 10th edition, 2005; and Cynthia A. Glassman, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commissioner.

Participants attended nearly 30 sessions. They came from the United States, Canada, Australia, Sweden, the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, France, and Trinidad and Tobago.

Reports on our conference

"Why Plain Language" -- 10-minute video of 2005 Plain Language International Conference: high speed | low speed

"Busting Bureaucratic Language" -- Plain Language at Work Newsletter, Bill Dubay, Impact Information Plain-Language Services, Nov. 21, 2005

Final Conference Program
(PDF, 1.02MB)


Washington, D.C., United States
L'Enfant Plaza Hotel
Washington, D.C.


Nov. 3-6, 2005

2005 Conference Schedule

  • Thursday, Nov. 3
    » Preconference Workshop, "Introducing Plain Language to New Audiences,"
    » Preconference Workshop, "Document Design,"
    » Opening Reception
  • Friday, Nov. 4, and Saturday, Nov. 5
    » Conference Sessions
  • Sunday, Nov. 6
    » Membership Meeting, Plain Language Association International


The conference featured research and real-life examples that show the benefits of plain language. People learned how plain language

  • reduces costs
  • increases customer satisfaction
  • improves compliance.

And they heard about plain language work in

  • health literacy
  • financial documents
  • legal documents
  • public relations
  • Web sites.

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