Using Type:
The Typographer's Craftsmanship and the Ergonomist's Research
by Aernout de Beaufort Wijnholds
Utrecht University, April 1996

Tips for using this resource:
Selection of Screen Size and Resolution

Those who use Microsoft Explorer will get the best results when reducing the standard typesize displayed by:
+ selecting 'small font' in the View > Font menu or
+ clicking on the right button of these twoas found on the toolbar

For optimal browsing conditions, please select one of four choices given in the table below:
  Your Screen Resolution
low high
(less than 10%)
typelomn.htm typehimn.htm
(10% or more)
typelomx.htm typehimx.htm

Bar height refers to the percentage of space taken up in your browser screen by the total of toolbar, buttonbar, addressbar, and/or statusbar.
The current screen resolution of your computer is usually expressed in numbers or letter-codes, which can be found in the setup/configuration area of your operating system.

+ low screen resolutions for a PC using Windows are VGA or 640 by 480
+ high screen resolution for a PC using Windows is 1024 by 768
+ A low bar height is typically used by Microsoft Explorer 2 for Windows 3.1
+ A high bar height is typically used by Netscape Navigator (by default) and Microsoft Explorer 3 for Windows 95 (by default)